How to create a simple blog using ASP.NET MVC - Part II

In the first part of the series, we have completed the basic functionalities of the blog. We have completed the functionalities to display the latest blog posts, display posts based on categories, tags or search for interested posts. We also created sidebar widgets to display the categories, tags and latest posts.

In this part, we are going to see how we can create an admin console to manage posts, categories and tags. We need a grid control to display the posts, categories and tags. We can't use the ASP.NET grid control because they works based on ViewState. We are going to use a jquery plugin called jQGrid which provides many functionalities required by a typical grid like pagination, sorting, filtering, column resizing and much more. jQGrid is easy to use and most importantly it has a pretty good documentation.

JustBlog Admin Console

JustBlog Admin Console

We'll see how to secure the admin page through Forms Authentication. Not only that, we'll also see how to write unit tests for controller actions using NUnit and Rhino Mocks.

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