How to create a simple blog using ASP.NET MVC - Part III

Our JustBlog is in a pretty good state. Yep! still we got some important things to accomplish before we think about release. One very important thing that's missing is the "commenting system". In this final part, we are going to see about integrating Disqus commenting system to our blog. Also, we will integrate two more services: AddThis and Feedburner, for sharing and subscriptions.

Honestly, the ways we referenced Scripts and CSS in views are not good. We are going to tidy them up by utilizing the bundling and minification feature. We also completely missed exception handling. Luckily, we got ELMAH! which is an error handling/logging library which takes care of that job.

Before we wind up, we will see how to create a contact page and also we'll take necessary steps to make our blog SEO friendly.

JustBlog Part III

JustBlog Part III

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