How to create an awesome blog template using Bootstrap 3 - Part I

Are you one who doesn't have great design skills but looking for stuff to create nice templates in a short time? Are you one who recently heard about this nice framework called Twitter Bootstrap and don't have much knowledge or experience to customize and create some website that represents your brand? Well folks, this tutorial is for you.

Actually, this is not just a tutorial but workshop. At the end of this workshop, you'll gain two things: First, you'll have a beautiful blog template that you could use right away for your website. Second, which is the most important thing, you'll know how to create stunning templates by yourself which jaw drops others. Here after, you won't be googling to search for any free template, because you know how to create one with the help of Bootstrap. At the time of writing this, the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap is 3, we'll be using the same in this workshop.

Due to time constraint and content size, I've divided this workshop into two parts. In the first part, which is going to be very simple, we are going to create a complete blog template using Bootstrap. At the end of this first part, you'll have a nice blog template with home, single-post, contact and about-me pages.

In the second part, which is going to be more interesting one, where we'll see, how we can download the Bootstrap source code and customize it to create our own theme that matches our imagination.

Blog template (Desktop)

Fig 1. Blog template

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