How to create an awesome hybrid mobile app using Cordova - Part I

It's been little over an year I've published anything in my blog. Every time I inspect my Google analytics page I sense the traffic is getting down 😣. I've been patience for all this time working now and then with sheer confidence that I could complete this taunting work. People who have been following my recent blog posts know that it's no longer a typical blog where enthusiastic developers write about creating todo app in some got-popular-lately technology or comparing two frameworks and describing their pros and cons in a table. I encourage learning by building something for real. I'm driving my website in that path. It's a place where I can share the experience about something that I built lately. It's easy said but it takes a lot of time and effort to build something useful and share with others. In all those months passed I was working in this hybrid mobile app so called "Safe" that helps to store photos safely. The app runs successfully in both iOS and Android platforms. I would like to share the experience I had in creating this app through this series of blog posts. I strongly believe that it'll help a lot of people to build their own *dream* app 🌝.

Safe - hybrid mobile app

Fig 1. Safe - hybrid mobile app

The idea (💡) of building a mobile app came to me three years back when I was facing difficulty in keeping sensitive information like passwords, credit-cards and photos. I own an iPhone 3GS device and was thinking that developing an app would help me to keep my secrets safely and easily accessible from anywhere. There are already a lot of apps out there that solves this problem but I want to build one myself so I can learn something new. I ended up finally developing an app that could store only the photos but not the textual information. The good news is the app runs fine in both iOS and Android devices.

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