How to create an awesome hybrid mobile app using Cordova - Part II

Hello friends, finally.. I'm back to share the second part of creating the hybrid mobile app. Apologies for taking too long! From my experience it looks like writing is harder than coding! Thanks for all the readers who shared their valuable comments. In the previous part, we worked mainly on setting up the development environment and also we tried to create a "Walking Skeleton" by wiring up the crucial components. Sadly, we haven't seen any code specific to the mobile app yet. I bet this part is gonna throw away that. We are going to do some really cool stuff here! We are going to build two important pages: "list page" and "single photo view page". We'll also see how to deploy the app in an iPhone and Android. At the end of this part, you'll have a simple and nice app (with some features) smiling right at you from your mobile.

Safe running in iPhone and Android Moto E devices

Fig 1. Safe running in iPhone and Android Moto E devices

Actually, I tried to complete most of the core functionalities of the app in this part including the add/edit feature (which is kind of little complicated) but that ballooned the size of the article to a mini-book. Well, nowadays most people don't like to spend more time on reading lengthy articles and so I moved the add/edit feature to a separate part. You would be expecting two more parts from me. In the upcoming one, we'll see how to build the add/edit page and in the last part we'll see how to implement the login/registration feature and the related functionalities of it.

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