How to create an awesome hybrid mobile app - Part IV

Here comes the fourth and final part of the hybrid mobile series in the hot summer. At the time of writing this from Bangalore (was called as Green City not any more I think) it's quite hot like 40° C. Time to take care of our nature! Anyway, we've come through a long way... let's finish this final part. Our hybrid mobile app "Safe" has grown into a pretty good shape now. So far, the work we've done allows an user to select a photo and persist in a secured way by AES 256 encryption. We also completed the work to edit an already persisted photo or wipe it out permanently.

Safe Login Pages

Fig 1. Safe Login Pages

Encrypting and persisting the photos is not enough to keep them safe! We've to protect the access to the app through a login mechanism and that's what we are gonna build in this part. We'll also see how to build the settings and info pages and last but not least I'll introduce you to Jasmine and show how she'll help us to write some good unit tests. So folks, ARE YOU READY?

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