How to create a simple UI library using decorators

Lately I've been looking for a light-weight library that helps to develop UI components using native browser technologies like Web Components, Shadow DOM etc. I see most of them surviving out there like Angular, React are not completely based on native technologies and not only that they have quite some learning curve. Also, there is always this fear that, am I doing this in the right way?. I found libraries like LitElement compelling but finally I ended up creating something simple, light-weight that focuses only on solving the component building business and nothing else.

I created a small library called tiny that utilizes decorators and a simple base class to create components using native technologies. I'm pleased by the outcome. Though it doesn't support fancy data bindings and other cool features (for now) it turned out to be good!. In this article, I would like to share some of the learnings I got in the process of building that library and hopefully someone can use them to build their own library in future and why not please share your thoughts and ideas to transform the tiny into something bigger.

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