How to create an online resume in 7 steps

Resume is a tool to market yourself. It's a place where you can specify your skills, education and experience in a way to easily convey to recruiters. Having a well structured resume gives a positive outlook about you to the recruiters. In fact, many interviewers starts to judge their candidates based on their resumes even before taking interviews. Traditionally resumes are written in word documents and even now too. Online resumes built with latest web technologies are getting quite popular nowadays especially among web developers. The problem with online resume is you need to pay for the domain and hosting. In this post, I'll explain how you can create a beautiful single page resume template and host it in Github for totally free.

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Exploring the rare HTML elements

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the predominant language for creating web pages. HTML consists of a rich set of elements for representing text, images and more. These elements act as the building blocks for creating web pages. Each HTML element is represented as a text enclosed in angle brackets ex. <img>. A HTML element can contain other HTML elements. There are restrictions for a HTML element to wrap other elements for ex. a <p> element should not contain other block elements like <div>.

In this article we are going to dig little deeper into the land of HTML and explore the rare elements that most of us are not much aware of.

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